We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

Millbase for Color Filter

SK microworks Solutions succeeded in mass production of Millbase which
is a major raw material for LCD panel, for the first time in Korea,
and has been growing with leading domestic and overseas clients.

  • Based on the ability to develop and synthesize new materials

  • through technology sharing with key partners,
  • the ability to develop high quality products including pigment processing technology,

We started developing Millbase in 2003 and began the mass production for the first time in Korea in 2004.
Currently, it has been applied to a wide range of applications from Low to High Grades
to many domestic and international clients.

Millbase is expected to be continuously spread in line with the growth of the LCD market.
Therefore, SK microworks Solutions will grow into a leading company that seeks customer satisfaction
with our superior quality competitiveness.

Product Color Composition Strong Point Application
High Contrast GREEN G36/Y150 Excellent contrast ratio & long lasting stability Large TV, Monitor
Red R177/R254
High Transmittance GREEN G36/Y138 High brightness & long lasting stability Note PC, Small & Medium Mobile,Tablet PC
Red R177/R254