We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

Job Openings

Employees come first
A Global Leader with Continuous Innovation and Passion
SK microworks Solutionssupports your dreams!

SK microworks Solutions is seeking individuals with global competitiveness to make a leap forward to
“Becoming the Most Valuable and Decided Film & Material Conversion Company in the World”.

The job opening is posted on SK Talent Portal (,
so please refer to the website.

SK Talent Portal
Recruitment Process

Refer to the procedure below.

  • 입사지원 01Applying for a job

    You can apply for a job through
    a recruitment site for SK Group,
    and cannot apply by post or

  • 서류전형 02Resume screening

    As we comprehensively consider
    the qualifications/experiences/
    capabilities/mindset/attitude of applicants,
    fill out the job application
    form thoroughly. 

  • SKCT 형 03SK Comprehensive
    Aptitude Test

    SK Comprehensive Aptitude
    Test is a tool for verifying the work-related
    intellectual capacity, situation judgment ability,
    values, and attitudes by considering
    the characteristics of talent. 

  • 면접전형(팀장/임원) 04Interviews
    (team leader/executive)

    We evaluate applicants' expertise,
    job understanding, job performance,
    potential ability, business view,
    and ambition, and provide
    in-depth seminars for some areas
    such as R&D. 

  • 채용검진 05Physical examination

    The physical examination is conducted
    for those who have passed the interviews.
    The health examination is a test that
    determines that an applicant
    can properly work. 

  • 최종합격 06Notice of acceptance

    If the results of the physical check are normal,
    new employees will be finally accepted
    and experienced employees
    will be accepted after consulting
    their position/treatment conditions.