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Transparent PI hard coating films

TPI HC Application

With excellent optical performance and modulus and folding characteristics,
the transparent PI hard coating film is suitable
for the cover display of foldable phones.

  • Target Application
  • Required Property & Present Level
Features of TPI HC

The product has various properties required for foldable phones through functional hard coating.
(Anti reflection, Anti glare, UV cut, Yellow index control, AgNW, etc.)

  • In-Folding
    • Pencil hardness : 3H~5H
    • Foldability : ≤ 1.5R
    • Emphasis on scratch & wear resistance
    • Acrylate crosslink type
  • Out-Folding
    • Pencil hardness : 7H~9H
    • Foldability : ≥ 2.5R
    • Emphasis on pencil hardness
    • Epoxy crosslink type