We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

HR System

We are operating fair
and reasonable talent management system with the key message
'Employees are the main agents of sustainable management’.

To effectively and efficiently manage the employees and company and raise the level
of dynamic elements of the members so that capabilities can be integrated
for the achievement of the company's goals.
  • 01Evaluation

    We have established a systematic and efficient evaluation system to successfully perform ‘To-Be Model’ and actively support the development of capacity of employees, and has operated the evaluation system fairly and rationally based on the SK Values capabilities and performance of the members.

  • 02romotion

    We have operated a fair and
    reasonable promotion system where
    employees can achieve results and
    show capabilities in their current
    positions according to the level
    of performance, so that they can take on a higher level of responsibilities and roles.

  • 03Human Resources Development

    We provide systematic training and
    education for employees to continuously
    improve capabilities and competencies,
    thereby securing human resources
    to achieve our To-Be goals. 

  • 04Compensation System

    We have established and
    operated a rational and systematic
    compensation system in which employees
    can pursue SUPEX voluntarily through
    the competitively better and proper
    compensation in the industry.

Employee Benefits

We provide benefits for employees to perform their work with a sense of
stability and satisfaction in the company and at home.

  • 선물 지원

    Gifts for anniversaries and holidays, and gifts for encouraging examinees

  • 학비 보조
    Student grants

    School expenses (preschoolers, middle, high school, and college students), uniforms

  • 건강관리
    Health Care

    Medical expenses, comprehensive medical examination

  • 경조사 지원
    Congratulations and Condolence

    congratulations and condolence expenditures & holidays(marriage/birth/
    60&70th birthday)

  • QWL / 여가 지원
    QWL / Leisure

    Camping cars and condos, granting summer vacation,running in-house sports facilities
    and supporting clubs

  • 보험제도

    Compensation for disasters,
    injury insurance

  • 주택지원
    Housing funds

    Housing purchase,

  • 기타 복리후생

    Language tuition fee,
    internal lectures,
    and trainings related to SK Academy

  • 기타 복리후생

    commuter bus service,employee events,and safety supplies and clothing