We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

Films for Improving Color Reproduction

복합필름(Multi-functional Display)
Light Emitting Type Films
for Improving Color Reproduction : QDF
Absorption Type Films for
Improving Color Reproduction : CGEF®
Quantum Dot Film & Barrier Film
  • QDF is the best solution for improving color reproduction
  • There are various solutions depending on the content of Cadmium
  • We continue to develop more reliable and cost competitive products by improving materials and process technologies.
Color Gamut Enhancement Film
  • A filter to improve color reproducibility by controlling wavelengths of light
  • Environmentally friendly and excellent durability with the use of organic materials
  • Easy to apply as it can be combined with other parts such as backlight films or polarizer film