We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

Prospective Employees

A Global Leader pursuing CHALLENGE & INNOVATION
in our specialized field with confidence and belief
in our company

  • SK microworks Solutions에 대한확신과 믿음 Confidence and Belief in
    SK microworks Solutions

    People with confidence and enthusiasm
    for SK values and management philosophy
    which should be taken as the basis
    of all actions and decision-making,
    and people who voluntarily
    and actively pursue SUPEX and take pride
    in SK Hi-tech & Marketing

  • 전문분야에서의 Challenge & Innovation 실천 Practice of Challenge &
    Innovation in Specialized Field 

    People who have specific expertise required
    for each business/task based on
    the common competencies as the foundation
    of business and competitiveness,
    and people who are not complacent,
    but constantly challenge and accomplish
    higher level of goals, consistently
    seek for diverse and creative methods,
    and successfully implement innovation

  • Global Leader Global Leader

    People with language skills
    and a great understanding of the networks,
    cultures, and business practices required
    for SK microworks Solutions's Global Business
    and people with capabilities
    to encourage others to voluntarily
    participate and achieve the goals of the company

Desired Value
  • Customer-

    Clearly identifying
    the current and future
    needs/expectations of
    customers and doing
    our best to realize them

  • Technology-

    Keeping in mind
    that technology is the foundation
    for continuous survival and
    growth, and continuously
    expanding and strengthening
    the technologies

  • Challenge

    Setting bold goals
    with a passion and no fear
    of failure and boldly

  • Communication

    Sharing internal
    and external information and experiences,
    and creating new and
    valuable knowledge through
    constructive discussions

  • Happiness

    Increasing systematic
    and voluntary collaborations between the organization
    and individuals to satisfy
    existing/potential customers