We are leading the display material industry by developing and producing next-generation optical films,
high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 


SK microworks Solutions pursues ethical management
to ensure proper business activities, such as compliance
with regulations and carrying out tasks based on
social responsibilities and principles, even amid the rapidly
changing global economy and complex business environment.

  • 우리 모두의 책임 Responsibility of all of us

    During our daily work, we face a
    situation where the answer is not clear,
    but we must always abide by all applicable laws,
    keep our values, and consult a person
    in charge in case of doubt. In particular,
    leaders shall take appropriate action
    so that employees can do their work ethically.

  • 솔직한 윤리규범 Honest code of ethics

    As employees, we must protect the interests
    and reputations of the company and ourselves.
    This includes immediate reporting
    of violations of ethics, values, or laws,
    even if the situation is unclear.
    All reports of misconduct are confidential,
    and fair investigation is conducted
    throughout all the process.

  • 보복행위 금지 No retaliatory act

    We respect the opinion
    of those who point out inappropriate
    behavior and will not tolerate
    any retaliation against those
    who report potential violations
    in good faith.

Report of SK Ethical Management  

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