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High-functioning hard-coating film

High Hard Coating Film for Surface Protection
  • - Surface protection applications such as building materials, panel materials, etc
  • - High permeability, high hardness characteristics
  • - Excellent adhesion between urethane adhesives
  • - Stable appearance quality
Characteristics Unit HFO3BN Test Method
Dimension Clear HC Thickness 3.55±0.15 Micrometer Method
Optical Properties Transmittance % ≥88.5 JIS K-7361
Haze % ≤1.5 JIS K-7136
Mechanival Properties Hardness H 3H Pencil Method
Adhension B 5B ASTM D3359
Section hard-coating film
Single Sided Type(Customized)
  • - Surface treatment materials that require a wide range of functionality EX) Printable, Anti-Blocking, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprinting,Etc.
  • - Protective film can be adapted and produced according to customer's requirements, such as whether or not a film is attached and material properties can be adjusted.
  • - High optical properties, stable appearance quality(Rainbow Free)
Properties Unit - Test Method
Thickness HC Film 50~188 Micrometer
Optical Properties Transmittance % ≥90.0 JIS K 7136
Haze % ≤ 1.5
Mechanical Properties Hardness HC H ≥ 1~3 JIS K 5400(500g)
Dyne HC - 32≤x, 38≤x
(high adhension for UV Molding)
JIS K 6768