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high-functional materials, and color filter Millbase. 

Silicon Release Films

Silicon Release Film has the following features:

  • Various kinds of products depending
    on peeling performance
  • Uniform releasing and high residual adhesion rate
  • Excellent optical properties and heat resistance
  • Production of optical grade products by thoroughly controlling dust
Optical Material Industrial Material Blanking
Releasing films for MOBILEs
Releasing films for FPDs
Releasing films for FCCLs
Medical releasing films
Releasing films for other industrial materials
OCA blanking
Adhesion/double side tape blanking
Line-Up and Properties Table

Properties Table of Silicon Release Films

Application Type Substrate Standard Thickness Peeling Performance Adhesion Rate Surface Resistance
Optical Material RF Series (Normal) Clear PET 50/75/125 3~100g(TESA7475) 95% or more -
RF Series (Anti-Static) Clear PET 50/75/125 3~100g(TESA7475) 95% or more not more than 10^10 Ω/□
Industrial Material RT Series Clear PET / White PET 38/50/75/125 2~200g(Nitto31B) 95% or more -
Blanking R Series Clear PET / Color PET 25/50/75/100 2~300g(TESA7475) 80% or more
Electronic Material RT Series Clear PET 25/30/31 10~20g(TESA7475) 95% or more
Medial Material RT Series Clear PET 25/50/75/100 3~10g(Nitto31B) 80% or more